Bowler is more tense than batsman if seven runs are needed in the last ball of the ODI : Asif Mujtaba
by Bipin Dani

Player:Asif Mujtaba

DateLine: 24th June 2016


Mumbai, June 24 : England's Liam Plunkett is not the only player to hit six on the last ball of the match and secured a dramatic tie against Sri Lanka in the first ODI on Tuesday (Nottingham). Pakistan's Asif Mujtaba did so against Australia at Hobart in 1992.


Bowler is more tense in such situation than the batsman, he believes.


Speaking exclusively over his mobile from Dallas, where the 49-year-old former left-handed batsman is settled, he says, "in my opinion batsman is not in much tension than the bowler as batsman has nothing to loose. But if a bowler gives away those runs or bowls a wide or a no ball in the last ball, the opponent team has chance to win the game".


"If seven runs are needed on the last delivery, the batsman can think only if a bowler bowls a wide or no ball to get an extra delivery to hit six on the last ball to get victory for his team".


"Different batsmen have different feelings when the match is tied. If the batsman was playing through the inning to get that point to win a game for his team feels they could not achieve the target earlier but on the other note, if batsman who has just come on the wicket and hits a six on the last ball he still has a sign of satisfaction for levelling the match", Mujtaba added.


"In our times I got good support from my team members when the match was tied but now the players get support only till they perform. Not otherwise. If the match is lost in such situations, there should not be a blame game. To build the team, this is very essential", he signed off.


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