A Word from Warnie!
by Shane Warne

Player:AD Mullally

DateLine: 17th January 2005


When I first met big al in 1990 he was from Perth in Australia, origin English playing for Victoria. When I first laid eyes on him he was a tall skinny lanky fast bowler, not much has changed really except he is now a tall skinny lanky medium bowler (ha ha) and playing for Hampshire, originally from Leicester, and he has remained the same big Al as I remember, except that his U2 collection has grown.


All jokes aside spider has been a true friend for a long time and fully deserves a benefit for what he has done for the game, his performances for Hampshire really are unbelievable in both forms. The man they call spider, or as I like to call him, fart in a bath because his name sounds like youÂ’re trying to talk under water, has always given 100% no matter what the situation and the man has never changed.


His attitude as a fast bowler is something that all bowlers could learn off. He has been a pleasure to play with, against and as a captain I could not ask for more. I think a lot of credit must go to his wife Chelsey for putting up with the spider because, as much as we love him, he loves a chat and sometimes he cannot shut up and its not interesting information either its useless stuff, come on spider give Chelsey a break.


Well mate it has been a long journey for you but you can be very proud of yourself, of what you have achieved in cricket for your country and at county level, especially for the Hawks. What you have done for Hampshire as I said is sensational, you have done so well and I am proud to know you and call you a friend.


You're a star mate, good luck in your benefit year. Get behind the spider man he deserves it.