List A Matches played on Edgbaston, Birmingham (24)

14th September 1969 Player's County League 1969  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea277a
24th May 1970 John Player League 1970  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea324
13th May 1973 John Player League 1973  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea900b
31st August 1975 John Player League 1975  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea1540
17th July 1977 John Player League 1977  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea2006a
19th May 1979 Benson and Hedges Cup 1979 Group BWarwickshire v Derbyshirea2394
16th May 1981 Benson and Hedges Cup 1981 Group BWarwickshire v Derbyshirea2940
21st June 1981 John Player League 1981  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea2998
14th May 1983 Benson and Hedges Cup 1983 Group BWarwickshire v Derbyshirea3633
28th July 1985 John Player Special League 1985  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea4539
17th May 1986 Benson and Hedges Cup 1986 Group AWarwickshire v Derbyshirea4847
31st May 1987 Refuge Assurance League 1987  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea5270
20th August 1989 Refuge Assurance League 1989  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea6194
16th September 1990 Refuge Assurance Cup 1990 FinalDerbyshire v Middlesexa6732
4th August 1991 Refuge Assurance League 1991  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea7155
9th May 1993 AXA Equity and Law League 1993  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea8028
10th September 1995 AXA Equity and Law League 1995  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea9409
7th May 1996 Benson and Hedges Cup 1996 Group AWarwickshire v Derbyshirea9839
15th June 1997 AXA Life League 1997  Warwickshire v Derbyshirea10566
5th July 2000 National Westminster Bank Trophy 2000 4th RoundWarwickshire v Derbyshirea12834
3rd September 2000 Norwich Union National League 2000 Division 2Warwickshire v Derbyshirea12926
9th July 2005 totesport League 2005 Division 2Warwickshire v Derbyshirea16730
14th May 2006 Cheltenham and Gloucester Trophy 2006 North DivisionWarwickshire v Derbyshirea17438
6th September 2009 NatWest Pro40 League 2009 Division 2Warwickshire v Derbyshirea19940
13th May 2012 Clydesdale Bank 40 2012 Group CWarwickshire v Derbyshirea21975
15th June 2016 Royal London One-Day Cup 2016 North DivisionWarwickshire v Derbyshirea24791a
17th May 2018 Royal London One-Day Cup 2018 North DivisionWarwickshire v Derbyshirea26405
15th August 2023 Metro Bank One Day Cup 2023 Group BWarwickshire v Derbyshirea30145

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