The Town Ground, Burton-on-Trent - Highest Partnership for Each Wicket in first-class cricket

  1140  A Lord & A MounteneyLeicestershire v Derbyshire1922f10238
  2290  JCW MacBryan & MD LyonSomerset v Derbyshire1924f10903
  3115  Gloucestershire v Derbyshire1926f11598
  474  Derbyshire v Middlesex1930f13088
  5129  Derbyshire v Middlesex1930f13088
  666  Derbyshire v Gloucestershire1926f11598
  7153  JM Hutchinson & AG SlaterDerbyshire v Somerset1929f12683
  8113  JM Hutchinson & AW RichardsonDerbyshire v Somerset1929f12683
  9100  LF Townsend & JM HutchinsonDerbyshire v Somerset1924f10903
1047  Somerset v Derbyshire1929f12683

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