The Town Ground, Burton-on-Trent - Most Fielder Catches in Match in first-class cricket

4H WildLeicestershire v Derbyshire1914f9244
4JM HutchinsonLeicestershire v Derbyshire1925f11283
4AE AldermanMiddlesex v Derbyshire1930f13088
3WR HammondDerbyshire v Gloucestershire1923f10617
3G GearyDerbyshire v Leicestershire1925f11283
3WE AstillDerbyshire v Leicestershire1925f11283
3GHS FowkeDerbyshire v Leicestershire1925f11283
3TWJ GoddardDerbyshire v Gloucestershire1926f11598
3H StorerSomerset v Derbyshire1929f12683
3D SmithGloucestershire v Derbyshire1935f15072
3AE WattDerbyshire v Kent1936f15461

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